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Thoughts: Victorius – Space Ninjas From Hell (napalm records)

Here is some text about the new Victorius album.

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Thoughts: Veonity – Into The Void (sliptrick records)

An original power metal review of an unoriginal power metal album is, after 19 years of doing this show, a very difficult proposition.

So whilst you’ll hear nothing new in this review, you’ll also hear nothing new with Swedish power band Veonity. Their conceptual album, titled Into The Void, is their second release and it tells a dystopic space saga about a dying earth and a man who escapes the clutches of earth’s greed to begin a new life in space. Even as a sci-fi fan it’s not the most interesting or original of concepts but keeps the music charging ever forward as the protagonist encounters situations that the songs adequately reflect.

My initial concern was not the music but vocalist and guitarist Anders Skold – he has a raspy approach to his wannabe epic vocals and he reminded me of Ian Highhill from Finnish band Olympos Mons. The sticking point was that his vocals never really moved me but what I love about power metal is when they start throwing at you group vocals then I am like putty in their hands and they do manage to write some extremely catchy choruses and pre-choruses. These vocals are significantly different from Anders main vocals, in fact, they’re a lot higher, that it reflects positively on the overall experience.

What also helps is the music: it’s your basic twin guitar attack with lots of lead work and cutting riffs and Anders and second guitarist Samuel Lundstrom are great at providing that early Edguy and Dionysus sound with a touch of Iron Savior and Persuader. The keyboard work is basic but it’s playful and energetic and not as one dimensional as this review makes it out to be. It pretty much ticks every button for anybody but who loves driving guitar power metal and pounding drums. Will it appeal to a broad metal audience like a Helloween or Hammerfall? No. Will it appeal to power metal fans? Definitely.


Oh, one more thing, the production, by Ronny Milianowicz, the drummer from Dionysus and Shadowquest, is only slightly flawed, it lacked a little clarity on the home system. Nothing major, though, listening to it on the headphones and through the computer speakers it was pretty much par for the course.

Veonity from the album Into The Void with the track: Solar Storm

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